Whatever your hair type, odds are that you already have a favorite shampoo. And while taking more time between wash days is great for your roots and scalp health, adjusting to less frequent washing can leave hair in need of a little extra TLC. Dry shampoo provides a great on-the-go solution for providing a quick hair refresh, while giving those roots a rest. Plus, learn more about the best vegan dry shampoo out there.

What Is Dry Shampoo and How Does it Work?

So how does dry shampoo work? To understand that, we'll need to take a close look at the scalp. Hair roots grow from follicles on your scalp, which also produce sebum, a naturally occurring oil which softens scalp skin and gives your hair its texture. However, if you're working out, spending time in the sun or just living life without daily washing, excess oil can build up over time, making your hair feel greasy or unkempt, and muting natural hair color. This is particularly true for those of us with fine hair or curly hair, although dry shampoo used correctly can be beneficial for all hair types and styles. Oil buildup can also trap hair products such as gels or hairsprays, causing buildup at the roots and weighing fine hair down, which is why your hairstylist might recommend dry shampoo as part of your weekly routine.

Dry shampoo works by using either starch-based ingredients such as rice starch or alcohols as its active ingredient to soak up excess oil and product buildup. Many dry shampoos will include a light scent in the spray formula, to help you feel fresh and create results similar to traditional liquid shampoos. Using dry shampoo effectively also creates an antimicrobial environment, reducing the buildup of bacteria that can cause odors between shampoo washes, making it a good solution for those of us who search for a quick hair reset.

GRO Dry Shampoo

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How to Use Dry Shampoo

Wondering how to actually use dry shampoo? The process varies according to your hair type and the products you use as part of your routine, but it's easy to use dry shampoo correctly. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Start with dry hair (sidebar — if you've been exercising, make sure you're not actively sweating once you start applying the spray. A damp scalp will result in weighed down hair).
  2. Remove any bobby pins or hair ties, and make sure your hair is free of excess product before you spray.
  3. Hold your favorite dry shampoo about six inches away from the crown of your head.
  4. Spray a small amount of dry shampoo directly onto your roots. For best results, make sure to direct the dry shampoo evenly across your whole scalp, including the nape of your neck and the area around your ears, so that the product is applied evenly throughout your hair.
  5. Massage the dry shampoo through your hair using your fingers, reapplying the spray to certain spots if necessary.

Dry shampoo is typically used to give you that clean hair look and feel without having to actually wash your hair. But it has other uses, too. You can use dry shampoo to add a bit of volume to your hair as well as hold.

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When Should I Use Dry Shampoo?

Now that you understand how to use dry shampoo, let's talk about when you might want to use it. Dry shampoo's greatest strength is that it can be used on an as needed basis and can be incorporated naturally into your weekly product rotation to absorb excess grease or shine. Dry shampoo is perfect for a post-workout spruce up, days when you want to add a little volume or for times when you need a to look your best for an important Zoom meeting. Dry shampoo is an ideal product to keep in your back pocket, a kind of secret weapon for good hair days you can pull out any time you need a little something extra between wash days. And choosing a dry shampoo like VEGAMOUR's GRO Dry Shampoo means you'll get the benefits of clean-looking hair while using ingredients you know will help with your hair's long term health.

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Is Dry Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

The short answerer: yes, as part of a larger hair routine. The best dry shampoo works as a supplement to liquid shampoo, not as a replacement, making it a great go-to in between your regular wash schedule. As you search for the best dry shampoo for your hair type, remember that your hair health depends on scalp health. When you shampoo your hair, take time to massage your scalp, either with your fingers or this scalp massager (one of our favorites!). For days when you have a lot of build-up, you can also use a scalp serum prior to shampooing. This will clear your scalp of product buildup and excess oil, as well as any accumulation of dry shampoo spray, and encourage the growth of healthy roots. While there's some debate of how often to use dry shampoo, applying it once or twice between liquid shampoo washes is definitely hairstylist approved.

How healthy dry shampoo is for your hair also depends on the type you use. The best dry shampoos go beyond reducing buildup, and actually work to improve hair health. VEGAMOUR's GRO Dry Shampoo is the only one on the market to include growth actives like mung bean and red clover, the same ingredients we use in our hair serum, allowing you to take care of daily maintenance while also looking out for your hair's long-term health. Plus, it is a 100% vegan dry shampoo. Win-win!


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