A comprehensive approach relating to whole or complete systems
rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.

Growth inspired by nature.

Coming from a long line of New England dairy farmers on his father’s side, our founder, Dan Hodgdon, spent summers working on his uncle’s organic farm in Vermont. Although lovingly referred to as ‘that useless city-slicker’ by his cousins, it didn’t take long for him to notice that all life on the farm is dependent on the symbiotic relationship between living organisms and the various elements that comprise their environment. And that when everything in nature is in the proper balance (the mineral , nitrogen & pH levels of the soil, the hours of direct sunlight, the frequency & source of water, the weather, insects & animals, etc.) those organisms thrive.

Hair wellness & growth are no different. It’s not about any single ingredient or method. Like grassy fields of alfalfa on the farm, hair naturally grows and thrives when everything in its surrounding environment (its ecosystem) is also healthy, thereby contributing to its overall density, smoothness and shine. Vegamour simply models nature’s holistic approach to healthy growth & function by combining bioavailable* plant-based actives, enzymes and proteins in a 360, inside/out approach to create the optimal ecosystem for hair wellness.

This is a non-toxic relationship.

No more fake hair love. This is the real thing.

Vegamour uses the world’s finest, hand-curated, natural ingredients to ensure quality and efficacy. We know because we cared enough to set up our own sustainable supply chains to bring beautiful, natural ingredients into everything we formulate.

In return, we take care of the land and the people who help us bring this true love to you and your hair.

Vegamour products are developed with four core pillars in mind.



Ingredients can only be effective if they can be absorbed and synthesized by the body. This concept is known as bioavailability. Vegamour utilizes the latest advances in clean, biomolecular technology to ensure that each plant-based ingredient in every product we formulate is optimized for maximum efficiency.


Clean, 100% Vegan Ingredients

Vegamour is committed to the idea that great hair need not come at the expense of animals. We believe that what’s good for the planet is good for us, so we never use toxic chemicals that hurt our bodies or the environment.


Holistic Hair Wellness

Every product and each ingredient works in tandem to form a complete, holistic approach that considers all of the underlying factors that contribute to the beauty and health of hair.


Science-Backed Results

Every ingredient in every product is clinically tested for purity and optimal efficacy.

Harvest to hair.